We love ... love! Whether you are an opposite sex or same sex couple, we are happy to perform wedding ceremonies that celebrate your love. As we have for over 52 years, we are here to help you make a special and public commitment before friends and God of your relationship with a beautiful, professional, quality ceremony.

Wedding / Holy Union Brochure (text version below)


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For Marriage Licenses, visit the County Clerk's Office.

For more information, contact the Church Office.

Metropolitan Community Churches were founded by Rev. Troy Perry in 1968 as an affirming worldwide denomination open to all, with a particular outreach to the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender community, families and friends. Our mission is to help bring people closer to God and one another.

Basic Questions & Answers


Our licensed clergy are happy to perform either of the Rite of Holy Matrimony or a Rite of Holy Union. The first, commonly referred to as “marriage,” is a legal joining of two people to the full extinct recognized by current applicable laws. For those seeking to express a personal or public commitment to one another yet is not legally binding, Metropolitan Community Churches offer a Holy Union. Proof of such a ceremony may be used by couples in support of a domestic partnership or partner benefits. Both are formal yet not rigid ceremonies, faith-based and uplifting, expressing your personal decision to share a life together, celebrated and recognized by God.


The couple may be any two people of least 18 years of age, in a loving relationship, wishing to formally profess their commitment. For Holy Matrimony, a license must be obtained usually from the Marriage Registrar at the local County Administration Building. You do not have to be a California resident but a California Marriage License is required.


There are plenty of options for the location of your ceremony: Our smoke-and-alcohol-free church campus is available, highlighted by beautiful Sanctuary that seats nearly 150 and a comfortable Social Hall ideal for receptions for up to 50 people. We can provide suggestions of attractive sites that include park, beach, city and country locations. 


Aside from any legal ramifications, couples gain comfort in taking this step before family and friends and in knowing that their relationship is blessed by God. .


Your ceremony can be scheduled any time, dependent upon the availability of clergy. It is recommended that a couple plan their ceremony at least 3 to 6 months in advance to give proper preparation time, although they may be conducted on shorter notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How elaborate does it have to be?

Some couples wish to have a very minimal and brief ceremony; others elect to include attendants, family, special readings and music. All are equal in stature. Each ceremony is uniquely planned to fit the couple.

Are there costs for a Ceremony?

A ceremony should be a quality occasion to reflect its importance and requiring careful planning with the assistance of a professional staff. Therefore, there is a fee for performing a Wedding or Holy Union. These fees are also applicable to a couple wishing a ceremony to renew their vows. We are only planning a small, private, simple ceremony.

Are there any reduced fees?

Since the church and clergy’s involvement is the same for a large or small ceremony, the fees are the same regardless of size. Active members do receive a discount on the use of the church facility itself.

What about enhancements?

Flowers, photography, invitations, ushers, or any reception are the responsibility of the couple. We can gladly offer ideas and information on resources to assist you. We can provide talented musicians or soloists for a ceremony.

How to Get Started

MCC San Diego will help you along each step of your ceremony planning to help make it as stress-free, smooth and joyful as possible.

Step One

To begin the process for scheduling your ceremony, complete the enclosed form and return it to the church office.

Step Two

We will contact you as soon as we verify the availability of a minister.

Step Three

Then, we will complete paperwork, with a $100 deposit required to confirm a ceremony.

Step Four

Copies of sample ceremonies, which couples find extremely helpful, will be provided so you can begin the excitingly creative process of planning the details of your ceremony. Keep in mind that we are flexible in structuring the wedding to make it truly yours.

Step Five

You will set an appointment with the minister performing your ceremony and meet 3 to 5 weeks before the big day to fine-tune the ceremony and make final arrangements.

Step Six

While you will be coordinating any additional aspects of your big day, the final and most thrilling step is the one you take in making your vows.

Step Seven

Upon your ceremony, you begin a new level of life together as a couple, committed publicly before friends and family and blessed by God. You will also receive a Certificate of Holy Matrimony or Holy Union to proudly display commemorating your big day.

Facility Use

We proudly welcome you, the community, and the world to our church home by Mission Bay with our worship, classroom & meeting space, and ministry offices all at one location! We are at 2633 Denver Street, across the I-5 freeway from Mission Bay Park. From I-5 take the Clairemont Drive / Mission Bay Drive exit (Exit #22) one block east to Denver St. Turn right and the church is on the left.

For information about using our facility for a wedding or holy union, meeting, workshop, reception or other special event, contact Lee Bowman at 619-521-2222 x11 or

Basic Donations for Services 2023

Minister $375

Administrative $85

Use of Sanctuary $225

Use of Social Hall $150

Audio $80

  Multimedia $80

  Musician $100

  Soloist $80

  Open/Close $70-85

  All figures are based on a maximum 4-hour timeframe. Additional fees are requested for rehearsals. An additional Minister’s Travel Allowance is added for distances beyond 20 miles from downtown San Diego.

For ceremonies performed outside of the church (home, beach, park etc.), only the Minister and Administrative donations would be applicable. 

A $100 deposit is necessary to confirm any ceremony.